Best Places to Visit in the Dominican Republic

It’s no surprise that millions of visitors flock to the Dominican Republic each year. From the nightlife in Punta Cana to the natural beauty of Jarabacoa, there’s something for every traveler.

If you’re planning a DR vacation, what activities make the top of your list?

It can be hard to choose which excursions are a must-see and which you can do without. Most resorts offer excursions all over the island, and many will blow your socks off.

Make the most of your Dominican vacation by planning an exciting, relaxing, and photo-worthy itinerary. Here are the best places to visit in Dominican Republic.

1. Wave at the Whales in Samaná

Every spring, humpback whales make their annual migration past the Dominican Republic. If you’re planning a DR vacation, this is something you don’t want to miss.

The Samaná Peninsula is the best place to view the whales from.

Simply hop on a boat tour and get out on the water. With an experienced guide, you’ll witness these majestic creatures come up for air.

Back on shore, Samaná is also the perfect destination for travelers who want to get away from the crowds. The long, white-sand beaches are quiet and undisturbed. Lounge in the sun, grab a drink at a local bar, and enjoy the tropical serenity.

2. Go on an Adventure in Jarabacoa

The Dominican Republic may be known for luxurious resorts, but you can also get off the beaten path here. Backpackers and adventure travelers rejoice and flock to Jarabacoa.

This stunning town is nestled in the mountains and is home to some of the most stunning natural wonders. You’ll see rapids, hiking trails, and wildlife.

Some resorts will offer excursions to Jarabacoa which are highly recommended. Consider going on a guided rafting expedition or a trek through the mountains.

Make sure you wear appropriate footwear. The terrain in this natural playground isn’t always the easiest to hike.

3. Explore History in Santo Domingo

When Christopher Columbus first came to the Americas, Santo Domingo in the DR was his first stop. This historical city offers a glimpse of the past with modern entertainment.

First, take a tour of the old city. Notice the colonial architecture and cobblestone streets. The Alcázar de Colón museum is a must-see.

Between the ruins and awe-inspiring cathedrals, you’ll find excellent restaurants and shops. Live like the locals by eating gourmet sancocho and tostones. Pick up a souvenir for the people back home who will regret not joining your trip!

4. Day Drink at Eze Bar and Restaurant

There are hundreds of fantastic Dominican restaurants to check out while you’re here. Depending on where your resort is, many of them could be nearby.

One of the most notable spots is Eze Bar and Restaurant in the city of Cabarete.

This peaceful beach bar is all about living the good life. Dig your toes in the sand, sip on a cocktail, and spend time with great people.

Popular with the surfer crowd, Eze serves green smoothies and authentic Italian dishes. Most people come for a drink and end up staying the whole day.

5. Scuba Dive in Bayahibe

Once a bustling fishing village, Bayahibe is a delightful resort town to check out. Here you’ll find epic adventures and jaw-dropping views.

The first notable spot in Bayahibe is the beach. Not only is it stunning, but it has one of the best dive spots in the country. If diving interests you, take lessons in Bayahibe for an extraordinary experience.

If the water’s not your thing, head east to the Del Este National Park. Here you’ll find caves to explore and trails to hike. You’re sure to get a good night’s sleep after a day in Bayahibe.

6. Swim with Dolphins in Punta Cana

Even if your resort isn’t located in Punta Cana, it’s well worth the visit. As the tourism capital of the DR, it’s got an extensive list of gorgeous resorts.

Since the town sits on both the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, you get over 100 kilometers of beaches to explore.

One of the most popular activities in Punta Cana is observing the marine life. Here you can swim with dolphins, sharks, sea turtles and more. Simply book a tour at one of the many tourism offices or with private companies.

Later, try your hand at speed boat racing and zip lining. It may not be the quietest place to relax, but you’re guaranteed a ton of fun.

7. Relax on Playa Dorada

Besides Punta Cana, the next big tourism hub is Puerto Playa. This resort town has the beaches and scenery you want, but with less people.

The beach in Puerto Playa, Playa Dorada, is perfect for tranquil sunbathing and quiet relaxation.

With less partying and water sports, you have more chances of seeing marine life when you snorkel. Playa Dorada is known for having exceptionally clean and clear water.

8. Trek to El Limon

Adventure enthusiasts can’t come to the DR without making the trek to El Limon. This natural wonder is anything but a lemon.

The El Limon Waterfall consists of a 170-foot drop that cascades into a natural swimming pool. Here you can swim, hike, and explore.

But, getting to El Limon can be a challenge. You’ll need to sign up with a guide who will lead you 2.5 kilometers to the waterfall on horseback. Hold on tight as you cross rivers, bush, and rough terrain on your horse’s saddle.

This trek isn’t for the faint of heart, so prepare yourself with durable footwear and plenty of sunscreen.

Ready to Check Out the Best Places to Visit in Dominican Republic?

There are tons of reasons why the Dominican Republic is a top tourist destination in the world. Besides the stunning beaches, it has the best premiere resorts and accommodations.

And, near each resort, are some of the best places to visit in Dominican Republic.

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