The Top 7 Can’t-Miss Things to Do In the Dominican Republic

Hotel Riu Palace Macao is a great resort to relax in the Dominican Republic. But don’t forget your hotel is just one of many things to do in the Dominican Republic.

Don’t let your time on this great Caribbean island with its rich heritage and beautiful coastlines go to waste. Be sure to explore all the hidden gems on this spectacular island.

Here are the best things to do in the Dominican Republic.

1. Get Off the Beaten Track

It’s one thing exploring the Dominican Republic on the traditional roads but another to get off the beaten track and explore the jungle from the back of a buggy. Here you can really get to see the breathtaking green landscapes up close.

The four-hour tour sees you tasting local coffee and cacao – the bean from which chocolate is derived – and following an off-road trail with an experienced local guide. All from the back of a trusted buggy.

2. Swim With Dolphins

This life-changing experience is easily arranged from the Dominican Republic. These beautiful creatures would be only too happy to see you if you can get down to Punta Cana to see them.

The Dolphin Waterpark is a must. Here you and your entire family – including your children – can swim for 30 or 60 minutes with dolphins. There are 3 packages based on the amount of time you want to spend with the dolphin and the number of people you want in your group.

3. Get That Party Started On a Boat

This is probably not one for the kids. Grab a drink whilst taking in the spectacular views of the ocean on this great tour. Or better still, why not dive straight into the crystal clear waters?

If that is not enough to interest, you remember that your tour also includes free snorkeling off the coral reef for 45 minutes. After this, the boat heads on to the natural pool for more partying.

The key perks of this trip are free and unlimited drinks (rum, mamajuana, beer, fruit punch), snacks, and fruit. Everything you can think of is included to make sure you have the best time on this cruise.

4. Sea Fishing

The Caribbean is known for having some of the best seafood in the whole world. Good Dominican cuisine is much sought after in America. And it’s not surprising given the huge variety of aquatic creatures that swim around the crystal clear waters.

If you are interested in how the locals hunt out the best catches of the day, then be sure to check out this sea fishing tour. Here you’ll be on a boat with professional staff with refreshments. You’ll be taken out to sea to see how the master goes about catching fishes like Barracuda, Bill Fish, and Dorado.

There are several options for this trip. You can arrange to do it with a group of friends or family as a private boat trip, or you can hop aboard with other holiday-makers and make some new friends.

5. Los Haitises National Park

The best part about this national park is its eco credentials. There are hikes to walk, beautiful blue rivers to see amongst the mountains and mangroves not to mention the spooky caves.

But perhaps the best part of Los Haitises National Park is the wildlife you can spot there if you are lucky. There are hutia rodents as well as bright pelicans.

6. Lake Enriquillo

Another spectacular piece of nature, this is one of the largest lakes in the Caribbean. And it is well worth the trip to the other side of the island to see it.

If not for the sight of the lake itself but for the creatures that inhabit it. You might catch a crocodile if you’re lucky (so it’s probably best to avoid going for a swim), an iguana or a pink flamingo.

There are also some really great local villages around here if you want to see how residents of the Dominican Republic really live.

7. Go Inland

Be sure to head to the highlands, though of course this might seem hard given out beautiful the coastlines are. But it is surely worth it.

Check out Constanza, a mountain town that seems like a land of milk and honey. Be sure to head to the apple orchards and strawberry plantations to sample a taste of nature.

There are some great hikes here. As well as bike rides, if you want to get out further into the valleys. Alternatively, you could just relax and take in the great country air for a day or two before heading back down to the beach.

There Are So Many Things To Do in The Dominican Republic

If you are planning your trip to the Dominican Republic, then you are lucky because there is an unrivaled amount to do here. Although of course, you will want to enjoy the resort where you are staying, you are missing out if you don’t get out to the rest of the island.

You can enjoy some leisure time on the stunning beaches, or you can get a boat out and do some fishing. If fishing is not your thing, you can make some new friends on the boat party, with free drinks included.

There is also fun for the whole family with once-in-a-lifetime dolphin trips available. But not everything has to revolve around the beach. If you are a nature lover, be sure to go inland for a few days to explore the villages in the mountains and highlands or to one of the national parks.

If you’re heading for the Caribbean and are thinking about things to do in the Dominican Republic be sure to fill out our travel assessment to see how we can help you with the transport options for your trip.

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