8 Adventures You Can Take from the Punta Cana Riu Republica

Are you planning your first vacation in the Dominican Republic, specifically the town of Punta Cana? Do you have a reservation for the Hotel Riu Republica with a group of friends?

If so, then you’ll be happy to know that there is a variety of locations in the area that allow you to seek adrenaline when you are not relaxing in luxury hotel rooms. Some options allow you to work on your tan in warm weather, while others give you a chance to become one with nature.

With our knowledge of travel, you will be able to make your visit to Punta Cana a memorable one.

Here are eight adventures you can take from the Punta Cana Riu Republica.

1. Arena Gorda Beach

Part of what makes Dominican Republic excursions fun is the easy access that you have to local attractions. Staying at the Riu Republica puts you within walking distance from the Arena Gorda Beach, which is the perfect place to enjoy calm water and relaxing under the sun.

Boats are available in case you want to take a ride out on the water to go fishing or have lunch while you check out different forms of aquatic life. You can also walk to the restaurants nearby to have dinner while you watch the sunset.

2. Horseback Riding

Beaches at the Punta Cana Riu Republica aren’t just good for tanning or taking your surfing board out to ride some waves. You can use your vacation here to go horseback riding in a group for a unique way to explore the area.

We recommend saving this activity for a day when you don’t have much else planned, as these tours can take you on three-hour journeys through landscapes and spots with coastal views. You will also get to learn about the local wildlife that inhabits both the sea and the land.

3. Zip Lines

When you’re not exploring the Dominican Republic’s coast, you should use this opportunity to check out what the mountains and forest that the Caribbean nation has to offer. One way to do that is with zip lines, which send you soaring at different heights.

Depending on your experience with this activity, you will be able to zip line at a pace and height that is comfortable for you, depending on which service you use. This is also a chance for you to get used to faster paces, as well as check out monkeys, iguanas, and other inhabitants of the wild.

4. Casinos

Riu Punta Cana is a more suited destination for adults than children and families, and one way for you to have fun here with adult friends is at casinos. You can work on your Poker skills at the tables, as well as check out your luck with the slot machines.

Popular options in Punta Cana include the Hard Rock Casino, Avalon Casino, and Kviar Show Disco & Casino. These spots also provide different restaurants to try out for dinner, as well as live shows and other forms of entertainment to celebrate your winnings at the Blackjack tables.

5. Nightclubs

If you’re looking for a place in town that matches the adult-only atmosphere of the hotel Rius Punta Cana, then you should see what the nightclubs in the area can do for you. You can try the Coco Bongo one night and then ORO Nightclub or Imagine Punta Cana the next.

You can hit the dance floors at the clubs to try out new moves you’ve been working on at home, as well as visit the bars and taste some drinks that you may not have heard of before. Plan a visit to these clubs when you know there is a musician, DJ, or similar entertainer scheduled to make an appearance.

6. Dune Buggies

When you are not taking a swim in the Riu Republica’s pool or watching your favorite movie on a flat-screen TV, you can go on an adventure that’s a little dirtier. A prime example is a ride on dune buggies, which can be done in areas such as the desert, beach, dirt roads, or woods.

You can take your friends on easier roads in case this is your first time, or race them if you all have the experience needed to stay safe. If you decide to take buggies out near the beach, do so in the evening so that you can check out the sunset along your ride.

7. Marinarium Excursions

Do you want to use your vacation in Punta Cana to explore just as much underwater as on land? If so, then you should take your friends on the Marinarium Excursions for an afternoon to do some snorkeling around nurse sharks, stingrays, and other unique aquatic life.

We suggest doing this in groups if this is your first time snorkeling and coming face-to-face with these types of creatures. The areas near the beaches also allow you to get close to coral reefs and other unique underwater environments that will make great additions to your photo collection.

8. Bavaro Beach

Another beach that you will have easy access to while staying at the Riu Republica is Bavaro Beach, which is the perfect place for relaxing after dune buggy rides or zip-lining. The palm trees provide plenty of shade while you lay down in your lounge chair, and the water is calm enough for kayaking and paddleboarding.

Make sure to stay late so that you can get great photos of the sunset. The beach is also long enough for a walk after water sports, which gives you the chance to check out aquatic life that may come up from the ocean.

Our Take on Riu Republica Adventures

The Riu Republica hotel is set in an area that allows you to seek thrills and excitement when you’re not enjoying luxury meals and moving night in your hotel room. These activities ensure that Punta Cana becomes one of your favorite vacation spots.

Some of these options allow you to become closer to nature, while others take advantage of what the nightlife has to offer. With these adventures, you will create memories that are hard to come by anywhere else.

If you want to see what else you can do in the Dominican Republic, check out more options so that you can have a fun visit.

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