Staying at Grand Fiesta Americana Punta Cana Los Corales? Don’t Miss These Nearby Excursions!

Did you know that the Dominican Republic is the oldest European inhabited country in the New World? Columbus made landfall on the island in 1492 and set up the capital of the Spanish colonies. But have you visited this vibrant island?

In 2020, the island will benefit from the brand new Grand Fiesta Americana Punta Canta Los Corales Resort. Read on as we give our guide on the Punta Cana activities you need to take part in when you visit.

Saona Island Trip

If you want to get out and experience more than just the resort, Saona Island is the perfect excursion. This small oasis is located off the southeast coast of the mainland. Crystal clear waters, perfect white sands, and lush greenery make this an excellent deserted island retreat.

The day will start with a catamaran trip over the calm ocean. Treat yourself to a cool beer or cocktail from the open bar, or a soothing soft drink.

Arriving at Saona Island, you can take part in a range of activities. All of them are focused on rest and relaxation. Nothing beats wading in the sea, chilling out on the beach, and enjoying typical Dominican cuisine.

On the return journey, you will get to visit a natural pool in the middle of the ocean. Part of the Natural Park of the East, you can wade in waist-deep water while in the middle of the sea. The trip can be booked easily with TravelSearch by clicking here.

Punta Cana Buggies

All that rest and relaxation can get a little boring. Into your holiday, the time may come when you just want to let loose. There is no better way to do it than with a rip-roaring buggy ride on your DR vacation.

The trip will start when you get picked up at the Grand Fiesta Americana Punta Cana. A short safety briefing and you will be in your two-seater vehicle. You can traverse rough, offroad paths, tear through plantations, and zip through dense forest.

Your first rest will be at the El Hoyo Cave. You can take a dip in the cool underground river, then head on to Macao Beach.

The four-hour trip ends when you visit the many farms situated on the island. Here you can pick up coffee, cocoa, and tobacco directly from the source. You can begin your off-road adventure by clicking here to book.

Coco Bongo Club

Coco Bongo is the ultimate night out. Slap bang in the center of Punta Cana town, you will experience much more than a simple nightclub. Music and drink combine with circus, dance, acrobatics, and drama to create a cabaret experience on a grand scale.

Spectacular shows from movies such as The Mask and routines based on 300 play out in front of your eyes. Popular music shows from hit bands Queen and The Beatles are choreographed with dance and music. For the traditionalists, Samba and The Moulin Rouge come to life before your eyes.

All you need to do to see how good it is are check out the reviews from publications like CNN and Billboard Magazine. The package includes a free bar, entry, and transport to and from the venue. You can even book a VIP package by clicking here.

Santo Domingo City Tour

Santo Domingo is the capital of the Dominican Republic. It was founded in 1496 and is the oldest European inhabited settlement in the Americas. For the history buff, this makes it a must-see attraction.

The big draw on the tour is the UNESCO world heritage site known as the Colonial Zone. You can visit the site where Christopher Columbus lived and is buried.

Crumbling 16th-century buildings sit amongst beautifully restored architecture, housing a range of shops, galleries, museums, and eateries. Your space on the trip can be reserved at this link.

Punta Cana Sea Fishing Tour

The oceans of the Caribbean are renowned for their abundance of big game fish. This four-hour trip gives you the chance to haul in a catch of monumental size. All of this takes place under watchful guides, making it ideal for beginners or pros.

Fishing charters are one of the Dominican Republic excursions you need to do with a group. Each boat can accommodate seven people. After you set sail you can try troll fishing, a method of catching fish where the boat is constantly in motion.

At any time of year, you can catch a whole range of fish. Mahi Mahi, also known as Dorado, is common in the waters. You could also reel in Yellowfin Tuna, Sailfish, and even the mean-looking Barracuda!

The trip costs include pickup and drop-off. All your refreshments are provided as is all the fishing equipment you need. Click here to book your captain and crew who will be dedicated to helping you get the best catch.

Monkeyland Tour

For those who really want to experience the flora, fauna, and wildlife of this stunning island, then the Monkeyland trip is a great way to do it. A nature sanctuary spread over 5 acres, it houses families of friendly squirrel monkeys who will come to greet and play with you.

In addition to the park trip, you will visit a traditional country house. Here, you will be able to mingle with the farmers and purchase some of their organic coffee, cacao, cinnamon, and vanilla. You will also get a stop at the botanical gardens, learning about the plants and trees that naturally inhabit the island.

The trip cost includes all your transport and entrance fees. Click here to book your monkey adventure.

Punta Cana Activities

Now you know the huge range of Punta Cana activities, you just need to decide when you will be visiting! Book in advance to avoid disappointment, as they can get full in tourist season.

Your first stop for holiday information and help should be TravelSearch Guru. Covering the Caribbean, Central America, and Spain, we give impartial advice on all your trips. Contact us here with your queries and let us organize your next adventure!

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