Why you should opt for a used surfboard?

There is the feeling of achievement anytime you get something new. Buying a new surfboard is cool and at the same time expensive.

But what if you can buy a used surfboard and still get this feeling of satisfaction, what if buying a used surfboard is just the best. If you are scared of the used board, this article was made purposely for you.

Why do people fear buying used surfboards?

Some persons are scared of used surfboards because of the following reasons:

  • The fear of hidden damages: The major scare people get when buying a used surfboard is hidden damages. It could be so painful after buying a used surfboard only to find out that it is filled with holes and cracks as they are easily concealable.
  • Low strength: When purchasing a used surfboard there is this fear that it is old and could break at any time. And if water gets into the board, before the repair could be done it would take up to weeks as it has to dry up first. And it might take up to 2 weeks before it gets dried up.
  • Not buying the right board: This is a common issue experienced with buying a used surfboard. If you want to buy an 8ft surfboard, there are different 8ft as they differ in width, length, and thickness, bottom tail, and shape.

No surfboard is equal. You might end up with the wrong board if you do not know what you want.

Reasons why you should opt for a used surfboard

Used surfboards are often the best option for beginners or if you have a low budget. Check out why you should get a used surfboard:

  • It reduces cost: Buying a used surfboard helps you cut costs. Getting a second-hand board would help save cash and could be used for more profitable things.
  • Greater surfing experience: Opting for a used surfboard allows you to try out different boards. As the used board is relatively cheap, you can get different boards for surfing.
  • Makes you a better surfer: It would help to greatly increase your surfing skills. You would not be surfing with just one board but with variety as You would have many boards. So, your skills are built as a result of using many surfboards.
  • It allows having much: Choosing a used surfboard allows you to own many boards. So, you can get an arsenal of surfboards. So, there is this joy when you look at your store and see it filled with a surfboard and what brings the satisfaction is the remembrance that they are yours
  • Environmentally friendly: Funny but true, going always for used boards helps in recycling and this is needed. Recycling products helps prevent wastage. If you do this, you can boldly say you are eco-friendly.
  • Stranded: As you know, opting for a used board allows you to have lots of surfboards. Should one of your boards get damaged you won’t get mad or act frustrated as you have more replacement.
  • High quality at a cheaper rate: Many people have this notion that if anything is fairly used, it loses quality. This is far from the truth. Most of the time, a used surfboard comes in good working conditions.

What to look out for when buying a second-hand surfboard?

To ensure you get the best when buying a used surfboard. You have to do the following

  • Make sure you see the board yourself before purchasing. Buying online is also recommended but you have to look carefully and buy from a trusted site;
  • Look out for cracks;
  • Look out for foams or any discoloration;
  • If it has been repaired previously, it should not be a problem so long it is done properly;
  • Check its firmness.

Where to buy a used surfboard?

Used surfboards are sold at local stores. However, you can buy from an online store too. Don’t forget to check that the surfboard site is trusted and reliable. Make sure you get a warranty if it is possible to do so.


Many times buying a new surfboard might not be worth it, Considering you get the same experience with a used surfboard even at a cheaper rate. There is no reason not to opt for a used surfboard if you get it from the right place. If you were skeptical about used boards, I believe with this article, your narrative should have changed. Now you know how to find your used surfboard, go for it. Visit Akewatu for new and used surfboards.

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