Don’t Leave the Dominican Republic Without Eating These 10 Dominican Foods

The Dominican Republic has received an increase in tourism by 3.9% as of 2017. Once you’ve had a taste of the flavorful Dominican foods it’s easy to see why tourist from all over the world will travel to this exciting and exotic location.

Read on to learn more about the various Dominican foods and what you should try on your next trip.

What to Try When Traveling to the Dominican Republic

If you’ve never tasted Dominican food you’re in for a real treat. The cuisine is the perfect combination of Caribbean, Spanish, and French influence rolled into one.

Part of the beauty of Dominican food is the combination of fresh local Ingredients at their highest capabilities.

Contrary to popular belief you don’t have to be a fan of spicy food to truly enjoy the food in the Dominican Republic. There are a number of flavors from mild to spicy, savory and even some sweet treats that are sure to be a crowd pleaser. Read on the Discover our 10 picks for the best food in the Dominican Republic.

Sancocho or (7-Meat Stew)

Sancocho, to many, is the official food of the Dominican Republic. The word itself actually refers to a meat dish that can be found throughout the country. You can find some variations throughout Latin America, however, each country seems to have its own version of the dish.

In the Dominican Republic your Sancocho typically features at least four types of animal meats, as well as root vegetables, that are cooked in the thick and savory sauce.

Mangu or Plantain Mash

If you’ve ever tasted plantains you know that they are a diverse tropical fruit that is perfect sautéed, cooked in butter, or even fried. In this Dominican dish the ingredient is showcased mashed served with a side of eggs and a unique Dominican Salami.

In some versions of the dish, you can even find a side of fried cheese. Altogether the combination of ingredients is known as “los tres golpes” or the “three strikes”. Typically you’ll find this dish served around breakfast time, however, you may catch it on the dinner menu from time to time.

Ensalada Verde or the Green Salad

We know what you’re thinking. Why would you travel all the way to the Dominican Republic just salad? However, there’s a good chance that most of the ingredients in your salad are locally sourced including some cabbage tomatoes onions or cucumbers.

Also, in the Dominican Republic, you may find that your standard green salad is accompanied with boiled beets radishes and maybe even bell pepper.

Tostones or Twice-fried Plantains

Tostones is one savory dish that can be found throughout Latin America that also stars plantains as the main ingredient. Depending on the region you are in the plantains maybe once or twice fired before being served in a manner similar to chips.

The dish itself is less of a main course and more a snack to be enjoyed while playing cards or simply catching up with friends.

Habichuelas con Dulce  or Sweet Cream of Beans

While it may sound strange to combine sweet cream with black beans the tradition can be found throughout various regions in the Dominican Republic. You’ll be most likely to find this dish during the Lenten.

During this time in the Dominican Republic, large portions are shared at the dinner table with close family. Not only does this dish tend to vary from region to region but you’ll also find that it varies from family to family. Of course, each family will claim that their version is based upon the original.

Bizcocho Dominicano or Dominican cake

Got a sweet tooth? Then you’re in for a real treat. This delicious cake is likely to be one of the most popular dishes in the country. Whether it’s for a wedding, birthday or simply a modest get together you’ll find this cake is welcome at the table.

Typically this cake features fresh pineapple finished in the fluffy, light, and airy filling.

Morir Sonando or Milk and Orange Drink

In the hot Dominican heat, there’s a good chance you’ll be craving something sweet and refreshing. This is where the Marir Sonando comes into play. While you may not typically combine milk and oranges outside of a smoothie, this popular Dominican Republic drink can be enjoyed throughout the day.

Arroz Blanco or White Rice

If you’ve yet to visit Latin American and think that you’ve tried white rice in the past, you are sadly mistaken. The sticky, moist version of white rice typically found in Western culture is a sad comparison of the perfect, light, and fluffy rice you’re fine in the Dominican Republic.

Numerous tries at mastery will be needed to get the rice just right but once you tried it you’ll want this dish served with every meal.

Habichuelas Guisada or Stewed Beans

You’ll find that beans are often a center point of the food in the Dominican Republic. This is because not only are beans affordable, but they are also a strong protein source that can be incorporated in practically any dish.

This particular dish is served with a side of white rice and can be enjoyed in either a spicy or mild variation. What really makes this dish perfect is the combination of local ingredients and seasonings.

Pollo Guisado or Braised Chicken

Chicken is another dish that you’ll find it throughout Latin America. This is particularly due to the fact the chickens are easy to raise and purchase.

In addition to their affordability, chicken can also be prepared in a variety of delicious ways using some simple ingredients. Pollo Guisado is one chicken dish with strong flavors and a creamy tomato base. The meat is prepared in a manner where it literally falls off of the bone making it a must have at least once a week

The Very Best in Dominican Foods

These are just some of the Dominican foods and drinks you can enjoy while visiting this county rich in culture and flavor. However, there are a number of other countries that are waiting to be explored.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your next trip check out our blog visiting the unique island paradise of the Saona Island.


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