The Parent’s Guide to Staying at the Nickelodeon Resort in Punta Cana

The Dominican Republic is one of the hottest travel destinations in the world. In fact, roughly eight million tourists visit this Caribbean paradise each year.

Tourists spend more than $7.5 billion in the Dominican Republic each year. This accounts for roughly 10% of the island’s Gross Domestic Product.

There are so many great beachfront resorts to stay at. One of the highest-rated resorts is the Nickelodeon Resort Punta Cana. This is a perfect place for a family vacation.

Read on to learn all about the Nickelodeon resort. Explore all of the amenities at the Nickelodeon Hotel and resort right here.

What Is a Nickelodeon Resort?

Before diving into Nickelodeon suites resort, it is important to explain what this destination is all about. Nickelodeon is a popular television channel for children. It has all of their favorite cartoons and live shows.

Nickelodeon is famous for green slime and Spongebob Squarepants. The overall theme for the resort is centered on children.

Nickelodeon resort locations go above and beyond to entertain your kids. There are endless activities and attractions to make sure that your children have an epic time. At the same time, parents can enjoy the Caribbean’s beaches and crystal clear water.

What Are the Property Details?

This Nickelodeon resort has everything you are looking for in a Caribbean vacation. There are over 200 suites so that you have enough space for a large family.

Many people automatically assume this resort is only for children. However, this assumption could not be further from the truth.

There are 10 different restaurants on the resort for adults to enjoy high-quality cuisine. Also, there are 3 different bars to get alcoholic beverages during your stay. If the pressures of parenthood are too much, you can even hit the spa for a relaxing massage.

What Is There to Do for Kids?

This is the perfect resort to keep your kids occupied. There is so much to do that they will be in crash mode when bedtime comes.

While you are sipping a Caribbean cocktail, your children can enjoy Aqua Nick. This is a Nickelodeon-themed water park with slides, a lazy river, splash pads, and more.

There are interactive game shows where the children are pulled into action. Your child even has the opportunity to get slimed.

When your kids start to wrinkle, take them over to Club Nick. This is a resort area designed for kids aged 4 to 12. There is both free play and structured activities.

Resort employees supervise the children at Club Nick. There is a clubhouse and artist studio for the kids to enjoy.

Are There Nickelodeon Characters at the Resort?

The good news is that your child is going to see his or her fair share of characters at the resort. Top Nickelodeon characters like Dora the Explorer and Blue are always making an appearance. Even teenagers want to take a picture with Spongebob Squarepants.

Character Central is the place where your child meets his or her favorites. You can even arrange for a private meet and greet. This gives parents the opportunity to give their children a lifelong memory.

Characters also make frequent appearances at Aqua Bite. This is a restaurant designed specifically for a child’s appetite.

We have all been there when our children do not even touch the food on their plates. Aqua Bite’s unique menu offers healthy snacks for kids.

There are light meals and cold drinks that are perfect for a child’s picky appetite. The best part is that they can chat with their favorite character while snacking.

If you are looking for family entertainment, Plaza Orange is the place to be. This outdoor entertainment venue hosts a variety of different events. Nickelodeon hosts events for their guests here. Local artists also do family-friendly performances at Plaza Orange for the guests.

Lastly, there is a store called Nick Knacks that is perfect for kids. They sell Nickelodeon attire and souvenirs so your children can always remember their epic vacation.

Is Nickelodeon Resort Punta Cana All-Inclusive?

Another perk of staying at the Nickelodeon resort is that it is all-inclusive. This means that all food and premium drinks are included in your vacation cost.

Many guests choose to eat in the comfort of their family suite. You do not need to eat at a restaurant to enjoy included food.

Others prefer to sample each of the ten restaurants at the Nickelodeon resort. Each restaurant is inspired by a global culinary capital. You can try all different types of food without paying an extra cent.

Premium drinks are also part of the package. Kids get to enjoy juices, sodas, and even slime smoothies. At the same time, adults are able to sip Caribbean cocktails and other alcoholic beverages as part of the all-inclusive package.

The resort offers personalized service to make ordering as relaxing as possible. There are private butlers and concierge services to deliver drinks. They also make reservations for you to set dining plans in advance.

Are There Any Additional Expenses?

There are some things to pay for that go beyond the all-inclusive package. For example, items at Nick Knacks are for sale at the listed price.

There is also a daycare on-site with a certified team of nannies. They can watch your infant or toddler while you enjoy the resort’s amenities. This service costs $15 per child per hour.

What Is There to Do for Adults?

There are also many activities for adults as well. There is a sports complex onsite where adults can play tennis or go on runs.

Dance and cooking classes give couples a chance to spend time together. There are also water sports like scuba diving lessons and water polo. The resort’s concierge service can direct you to all the activities designed for adults.

Are You Ready to Book the Nickelodeon Resort?

Now is the time to get your Nickelodeon resort on the books. It is an all-inclusive resort that is perfect for both adults and children alike.
This resort was designed with people of all ages in mind. There is so much to do for kids to keep them occupied while you relax.

If you are interested in booking Nickelodeon Resort Punta Cana or another destination, contact us today to speak with a travel specialist.

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