Tipping in Mexico: Who to Tip and How Much?

Knowing how much to tip when you’re on vacation is an important part of being a world traveler. It’s more than a courtesy. It shows those that are serving you that you appreciate their assistance – you are in their country after all.

But, learning the local culture takes time. That’s why you should understand what to tip whom before you even leave your own country.

If you’re traveling to Mexico soon, then you’re in the right place. Tipping in Mexico is customary and often expected. We’re here to help you understand who you should tip and how much you should give them when you’re vacationing there.

Tipping in Mexico: Who to Tip and How Much?

The first thing to learn about how much to tip in Mexico is that you should always tip using Mexican Pesos or U.S. Dollars. You can also tip using Euros or Canadian dollars but the Pesos and Dollars are easier for service providers to exchange and use.

Grocery Baggers

One of the tips in Mexico you may not expect is at the local grocer. In a lot of the stores, locals will bag your groceries for tips. They do not actually work for the store and they often survive on the money they make.

Leave at least 5 Pesos, 20 if you have several bags.

Gas Station Attendants

If you’ve ever been to Oregon USA, you know about gas station attendants. While it’s not customary to tip them in Oregon, it is in Mexico. Feel free to leave whatever is left over from your purchase or about 10 Pesos.

Taxi Drivers

Taxis in Mexico are a real hassle to find, not to mention the rates are sky-high. Don’t feel obligated to leave a tip for your taxi driver.

Shuttle Bus Drivers

Airport transfers and shuttle bus drivers often work for the resorts but also rely on tips. These individuals are generally very helpful while getting you to your final destination. The suggested tip is about 50 pesos, or $2.50.

Bell Boys

Again, tipping the bell boy in Mexico is just like tipping him in America. $1-$3 per bag or 20-50 Pesos is fair. Just keep in mind how far he carried your luggage, or if he had to travel in the rain – it can’t hurt to add another dollar or two.


Tipping at all-inclusive resorts in Mexico varies by resort. Some resorts support a no-tipping policy where staff will not even accept your tips. For resorts that do allow tipping, you should make sure to keep cash with you at all times to receive the fastest and friendliest service.


It’s customary to leave a tip for your housekeeper at the beginning of your stay. This will ensure better service throughout the rest of your trip. A few dollars should do for a one night stay but if you’re staying any longer than one week, consider leaving at least $10-$15 or more.

Tour Guides

Horseback riding, zip lining, boat rides, snorkeling, all require tour guides in Mexico. Whether you’ve been out on an all-day tour or simply rode with a guide to some place, you should make sure you have cash for tips.

The suggested tip for a full day tour is $5 to $10 per guide. You can drop about $1 to $3 for a driver.

Beach Clubs

Beach clubs work like outdoor restaurants. You sit on the beach and a server waits on you hand and foot. Make sure to tip them at least 15% or better if they really went the extra mile.


Etiquette for tipping at bars in Mexico varies by the bar. Some bars are all-inclusive including the tip in the bill. In this case, there is no reason to leave an additional tip.

The going rate is around 10 Pesos for 2 beers, or $1 US Dollar. If you’ve spent some time with the bartender and they’ve treated you well, 50 pesos is a fair amount.

Fancy Restaurants

Servers in Mexico are paid similar low wages to those in the United States. In other words, they work for tips. You should tip at least 15% depending on the quality of service and the amount of your bill. Remember that even nice restaurants in Mexico are generally less expensive than other parts of the world.

Local Restaurants

Local restaurants are some of the favorites among travelers because they offer such an authentic experience. Make sure to tip your server, but feel free to leave a little less. 10% is recommended.


Some resort spas include the gratuity in your bill, but it’s customary to leave extra if your masseuse took the extra steps to make you feel like a million bucks. Anywhere from ten to twenty percent or 50 to 100 Pesos for a bill worth 500 Pesos.

Hair Stylists/Barbers

Mexico salons are extremely reasonable. You won’t find yourself spending much more than 200-300 Pesos depending on your cut and style. Leave about 20-30 Pesos or 10%.


The customary Mexican tip for musicians such as Mariachi players at local restaurants is about 5 to 20 Pesos. If the musicians come to your table, you may politely decline for them to play, but if they do play, they will expect a tip. 20 to 50 Pesos is recommended for a Mariachi band playing a song at your table.

How Much to Tip in Mexico

Tipping in Mexico is overall similar to tipping in America with the exception of translating the foreign currency. Keep these tipping methods in mind while you’re traveling in Mexico so you can follow the etiquette of the local culture. Besides that, you might even save a few dollars in lieu of over tipping!

We hope you found this post helpful and informative. Before you go, see this post to find the best tours for fishing in Punta Cana. Don’t forget to tip your captain! The standard ‘tour guide’ tipping amount should be sufficient.

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