What Happened to the Riu Palace in St. Martin? A Secrets Resort is Opening in 2019

Riu Palace, St. Martin took a big hit in late 2017 when Hurricane Irma blew through the island. Luckily, a group of resort investors visited the island shortly after and saw big potential in the destruction left behind.

They decided to invest $20 million into the property and re-brand it to become a Secrets resort. The renovations are still in the works and set to be completed in 2019. It’s a destination to keep your eye on, as this is sure to become a world-class resort that you’ll be dreaming of experiencing for yourself!

Here’s a sneak peek of everything Secrets plans to offer once the renovations are finished.

1. An Adults-Only Getaway

The new and improved Secrets hotel is adults-only.

This doesn’t mean the children can’t go on their own vacation, though. Send them to grandma’s house for the week or plan your adult getaway while the kids are at sleep-away camp.

This allows everyone in the family to enjoy the special vacation they deserve.

Remember, it’s good to have your own time every once in a while. Staying at an adults-only resort means you don’t have to worry about your kids while you’re trying to relax. It also means no one else’s kids will bother you, and that you can let loose and be yourself – not just a mom or a dad.

2. A Rooftop Pool

Another perk of staying at an adults-only resort is that you have a better chance to interact with other adults and make new friends. At Secrets, the best place to mingle is definitely going to be the rooftop pool.

The pool has been set here to give guests beautiful views of the surrounding area. You’ll feel like you’re on top of the world as you lounge and tan or swim up to the bar. The photo-ops will be pretty great, too.

3. Swim-Out Suites

There are some views that you know are going to be amazing, and then there are those resort features that simply take your breath away. Staying in a swim-out suite is definitely the latter.

This is a luxury like no other.

Swim-out suites give you the best views of all the fun happening throughout the day. They also offer beautiful, intimate sights to enjoy in the early morning. It’s the best of both worlds, and, it makes it easy to bounce from the pool crowd to your own private space.

4. Delicious Dining

At some point between all the lounging, drinking, and socializing, you’re going to need to stop and have a meal. Good thing there are plenty of fine dining restaurants for you to do that!

The Secrets resort is set to have a wide range of dining options for guests. You can get dressed up and head to one of the restaurants on-site. Or, you can hang back in the room and an a-la-carte meal delivered to you.

Either way, the food is sure to take your breath away. The chefs here have been carefully selected and the menus they create are going to be anything but average.

5. Luxury Lounges with Top-Shelf Liquors

Make sure you head to the bar once you have some food in you. This is where the fun goes up to a whole other level. The lounges at the Secrets resort are being designed to create a space for fun crowds to get the party started and for intimate settings to be available, too.

Whatever you’re feeling that night, don’t be afraid to try something other than your go-to drink. The bars are fully stocked with top-shelf liquors and the bartenders definitely know what they’re doing. You’re on vacation, after all – let loose and try a new drink made especially for you.

6. An Incredible Spa

If you drink a little too much one night or you need a day to unwind after all your traveling, head straight to the spa. You can book a bunch of services for yourself or set up a couple’s spa day if you want to treat your special someone.

The spa is set to offer various forms of massages, beauty treatments, and more. Make sure you head down there early to take advantage of the steam room and other top-notch amenities.

7. 24-Hour Concierge Service

What if your flight gets delayed and you don’t arrive at the hotel until midnight? What if it’s 3 A.M. and you could really use some late-night bites?

The hotel concierge service has got you covered. Their 24-hour service ensures that none of your needs go unfulfilled.

They’re ready to handle everything from your munchies to travel changes. They’re the ones who can tell you about everything there is to do on the island if you want to leave the hotel and explore. Or, they can help you figure out how to extend your stay if you’re just not ready to leave!

Goodbye Riu Palace, and Hello Secrets St. Martin Resort!

If you have been to the Riu Palace, St. Martin in the past, you were probably devastated to see the destruction Irma did to it last year.

But sometimes, opportunity comes out of tragedy.

Secrets resorts managers saw that opportunity and jumped on it right away. They’ve been hard at work to create a resort experience like none other, and now, the opening date isn’t too far away!

Make sure you book your travel arrangements now before everyone you know starts talking about this beautiful gem in the heart of the Caribbean.

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