Why You Should Stay At the Grand Bahia Principe in Punta Cana

There’s no better way to spend your vacation time than with a family trip that everyone can enjoy! Vacations are the ultimate treat for everyone in the household. It’s you and your spouse’s chance to unwind from work and your children’s opportunity to play with new friends and bond with you.

But, family vacations can be a bit of a headache if you don’t plan them right. You need to make sure wherever you stay is kid-friendly for your little ones, but not so much that it’s hard for you to have adult fun.

There are plenty of places that offer a nice balance between the two, you just have to know where to find them. In the Dominican Republic, no hotel offers that better than the Grand Bahia Principe in Punta Cana.

Here are 7 reasons why this should be your go-to destination for your upcoming family getaway!
1. You Can Enjoy an All-Inclusive Stay Your Way

This is one of the main attractions of staying at the Baha Principe in Punta Cana: it’s an all-inclusive resort. This means you basically get to show up, sit back, and not have to worry about a thing. You won’t need to budget your spending every day or worry about the charges your kids are putting to the room.

Everything is already included, and, you get to decide what “everything” means to you. There are 3 different all-inclusive packages offered at the hotel. The packages range in cost, amenities available, and included bonuses.

This allows you to get everything you and your family need without spending a dime more. You should bring some spare cash with you in case of an emergency, though, or just to have some tip money.
2. You’re Right on the Water

No matter what all-inclusive package you choose, you still get to be right on the water. This doesn’t guarantee that your room will have an ocean view or be the closest to the beachfront. But, it does mean you can easily enjoy the waters of the Dominican Republic from wherever you stay in the hotel.

The Grand Bahia Principe sits on a private beach that only hotel guests can enjoy. While the hotel itself is pretty big, it is nice to know you’re sharing the sand with other families at the hotel than with a lot of random tourists.
3. Your Kids Will Have So Much Fun

Is your kid the type that loves to hang out with other children at the hotel’s kid’s club? Do they prefer to tag along with whatever you are doing?

Whatever they like to do, they can do it here. There are all kinds of youth activities for them to enjoy, like the on-site waterpark, the kid’s pool, and special kid’s meals, plus daily youth activities to choose from. Your teenager can even enjoy the teen’s club activities, which is nice if you have children of all ages.

There are also babysitting services available through the hotel staff if you would like someone to help you watch your little ones.
4. All the Different Beach Activities

Everyone in the family should have no trouble agreeing that the beaches in Punta Cana are out of this world. The soft sand, comfy lounge chairs, and crystal clear waters are enough to make everyone get into full vacation mode.

But, the beach at Grand Bahia Principe offers much more for guests to enjoy. You and the family can play a round of volleyball on the sand courts or you can see how good you are at surfing. For more laid-back activities, plan an afternoon of snorkeling or sailing as a family.
5. The Nightlife

The party doesn’t stop once the sun goes down. If anything, it gets even more fun!

There are 9 restaurants for you to choose from for dinner, plus a buffet that’s open at all hours and the option to dine a-la-carte in your room. After dinner, you can see what kind of youth activities are available for the little ones and head to the bar with your special someone.

Or, you can plan a family game night in the room, watch a movie together, or call it an early night to gear up for the next day. For those who like to soak up every second of vacation, the live music, casino games, and dancing clubs are for you.
6. The Food

Do your best to explore all the dining options instead of going back to the same place every single meal. It’s worth tasting all the amazing food available at the resort. Not to mention, it’s nice to mix things up and enjoy different kinds of cuisine.

You can enjoy everything from traditional Italian food to Japanese dishes to Tex Mex cuisine and standard BBQ plates. It’s not hard to find authentic Dominican food either, of course.
7. The Service

Wherever you go and whatever you do at the Grand Bahia Principe, you’re in good hands. The staff here goes above and beyond to make you feel welcomed and relaxed. You’ll feel like you’re on vacation from the second you arrive, and you may not want to leave!

Every detail has been thought of here. No one hesitates to take care of any of your needs, and everyone is incredibly friendly. You can trust that your children will have a great time with the youth caretakers and that the servers, bartenders, and room staff will take good care of you, too.
Discover the Grand Bahia Principe in Punta Cana for Yourself!

You can read about the Grand Bahia Principe in Punta Cana all you want. But, it’s only when you book your stay and actually go to the hotel that you’ll realize just how amazing it truly is.

What are you waiting for? If you have a family vacation coming up, but you still haven’t decided where to go, look no further than Punta Cana.

Click here to learn more about this wonderful destination.

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