Activities You Have to Try Around Resort Playabachata

Last year, a record number of 6.18 million people visited the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean.

This is unsurprising considering everything that’s on offer on this beautiful island.

All-inclusive resorts are an amazing way to experience the Dominican Republic. Resort Playabachata (previously known as Riu Bachata) is one of the most gorgeous all-inclusive hotels in the area.

By staying here, you can focus all of your attention on exploring the country. In just one day, you can jump on a jet boat, hang out with monkeys and party all night.

If you’re looking for a place to stay or if you’ve already booked to stay at Resort Playabachata, you may be interested in knowing what is around the area.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the most popular adventures to go on when you’re not hanging out at the hotel and catching some rays. Take a look!

1. Pretend to Be a Monkey then Visit Some Monkeys at Monkeyland

If you’re traveling with your family, they’ll absolutely love this day out. It’s essentially multiple adventures jam packed into one day.

The day starts with a trip to the Zip Line facility. The zipline system has 12 lines spread between 18 different platforms.

Better yet, you’ll be surrounded by breathtaking views the whole time while also getting a healthy fix of adrenaline!

After you’re done swinging from the trees yourself, there’s a stop at Casa del Coco where you can learn about how coconut oil is produced.

Finally, the day ends at Monkeyland where you’ll be able to hang out with squirrel monkeys and get up close and personal.

Monkeyland is owned by two Canadians who encourage the animals to trust humans.

Finally, to get your energy levels back up, your day ends with a traditional Dominican meal at the Mountain Ranch.

2. Venture Undersea at the Seaquarium

If you have no experience of scuba diving or snorkeling, they’re rather time-consuming skills to learn.

However, take the stress of learning a new skill out of the equation and visit the Seaquarium. Starting at $115.50, this experience involves walking underwater.

Simply pull on a helmet and breathe normally under the sea. You can also keep your hair dry, contact lenses in or glasses on.

When you’re done being amazed by everything the sea holds, come back onboard the boat and enjoy drinks, snacks, and live entertainment.

If you’re feeling a little nervous – don’t worry. There is always a professional on hand to keep you safe.

After your underwater adventure is over, you’ll be able to explore the Dolphin Island Park and visit sharks, Manta Rays, and sea lions.

When you’re exhausted after a long day out, you’ll be able to head back to the Resort Playabachata to relax and sleep!

3. More Water Fun with Ocean World Adventure Park

Just a twelve-minute drive away from the Resort Playabachata is the Ocean World Adventure Park.

This adventure park boasts great reviews and is a “flashy” attraction, according to Google.

If you haven’t had enough of swimming with sharks and dolphins or exploring the underwater world, this is the perfect day out.

The adventure park offers a deep water dolphin swim, a huge range of animal shows and water slides.

It also has a range of price points depending on what you’d like to see or how much you’d like to spend. Check out the website for more information!

4. Explore the City of Puerto Plata

The closest city to the Resort Playabachata is Puerto Plata. This city is loved because of its picturesque beaches and gorgeous mountain views.

A point of interest to make sure you don’t miss is the Merengue Festival which lasts for four days in Puerto Plata.

The Merengue is well known as the national dance of the Dominican Republic and the locals are proud of it. Bring your dancing shoes and enjoy!

Top tip: Check out the tourism board to find out whether there is some merengue you can dance to while you’re in the Dominican Republic.

If you’re not around for any Merengue (which is rather unlikely!) or you’re not a dancing queen, don’t worry as this great city has even more to offer.

For example, check out the Rio San Juan beach, grab a coffee, smoke at the Vivonte Cigar Factory & Lounge or visit the Isabel De Torres National Park!

5. Get Luxurious with the Saona Island VIP Helicopter Ride

Is your holiday all about luxury? Then the Saona Island VIP Helicopter ride is the best bet. Show off your cash to your loved ones and splurge on a trip into the sky!

From Resort Playabachata, you’ll be picked up in a car and driven to the heliport. Here, you’ll climb aboard and marvel at the amazing views from a helicopter.

The ride takes around half an hour and can promise to be breathtaking for the entire journey!

You’ll then have private access to Tao Beach on Saona island. It is unspoiled and promises coconut trees, white sands and blue seas. Keep an eye out for local wildlife!

To continue with the theme of luxury, you’ll receive a lunch of champagne and lobster (depending on your choices, of course!)

Hang out on the island for a couple of hours before heading back by helicopter. By the end of the day, you’ll feel so pampered and basically royalty.

If you’re planning to propose in the Dominican Republic, this could be the best way to do it.

You can even upgrade to adding roses and a professional photographer to the experience. Romantic or what?

6. Dance the Night Away at the Imagine Disco Cave

Coming on holiday means trying to get away from it all and letting your hair down a little (or a lot). There’s no better way to do this than to head out for the night and party.

The Imagine Disco Cave is an amazing place to spend your evening drinking and meeting new people.

Not just a cool name, the Imagine Disco Cave is actually located in a cave. In fact, it’s not just one cave but a system of connected caves.

You’ll not only be partying with locals and other tourists but also bats which still live in the cave! Check out a few videos of nights spent in the cave.

Go on Holiday to Dominican Republic and Feel Pampered at the Resort Playabachata

After reading this article, you’re likely to feel excited about a holiday in the Dominican Republic.

There’s no better place to stay than at an all-inclusive which can pamper you when you’re not out adventuring such as the Resort Playabachata.

If you’re convinced this type of holiday is right for you, then get in touch!

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