6 Fun Things You Can’t Miss Out On Around Hotel Riu Merengue

Are you planning a trip to the Dominican Republic? Be prepared – because once you’re here, you’ll never want to leave.

Staying at one of the many all-inclusive luxury resorts is the best way to experience the beauty of the Dominican Republic. Hotel Riu Merengue has an ideal location on the beach that doesn’t sacrifice stunning mountain views. With a world-class spa, tons of entertainment options, and plenty of restaurant options, you may think you’ll never leave the resort.

But the Dominican Republic has so much more to offer than fruity cocktails and relaxing massages. While here, you should schedule a few excursions to fully experience what this country has to offer.

Do you want to know more? Keep reading to discover 6 fun things you can’t miss out on around Hotel Riu Merengue.

1. Visit Monkeyland

One of the best parts about vacationing in a tropical paradise is the wildlife. Being surrounded by colorful birds and inquisitive monkeys is just something you can’t experience back home.

That’s why a trip to Monkeyland is a must when you stay at Hotel Riu Merengue. You’ll spend the day interacting with adorable squirrel monkeys. These friendly creatures have been raised by humans so they aren’t afraid to get close to you. They’ll jump on your shoulders and grab treats from your hand making this a once in a lifetime experience.

The monkeys aren’t the only thing you’ll get to look forward to. The excursion beings with a tour of Casa del Coco (the coconut house) where you’ll learn about coconut oil production. Don’t forget to sample the various organic products!

If you want to add some adrenaline-pumping fun, consider going for the zip line and Monkeyland combo pack. You’ll get to zip line through lush vegetation before hitting Casa del Coco and Monkeyland. Now that’s a great way to experience the wild side of the Dominican Republic!

2. Relax on Saona Island

While the views from Hotel Riu Merengue are stunning, you may be ready for a change of scenery at some point during your vacation. Saona Island is the best place to enjoy all the beauty the Dominican Republic has to offer.

You’ll soak up the sun at a pristine beach, still untainted by tourism. White sand beaches, lush coconut trees, and various animals all await you. You’ll even sail along the coastline, spotting starfish in shallow pools.

If you want to take this day to the next level, consider the Saona VIP or Saona VIP Helicopter Ride packages. You’ll get wined and dined on paradise and leave feeling like royalty. Don’t forget to splurge for a massage at Merengue Dominican Republic upon your return to complete the experience!

3. Get Dirty on a Buggy

When you were booking your stay at Merengue Dominican Republic, you probably thought your days would be spent relaxing on clean beaches and sampling elegant foods. While you’ll have plenty of time for that, don’t forget to get out of your comfort zone too.

The Dominican Republic is the perfect place to get dirty on a buggy. You’ll tear through bumps and turns on unpaved trails and learn a little bit about the local culture along the way. You’ll even get to explore a cave and sample local coffee, cacao, and tobacco.

Do you enjoy getting down and dirty buy also being pampered? The Saona Island and Adventure Buggy combo pack is a great way to see both the unspoiled beaches of Saona and the wild trails of the Dominican Republic.

4. Go Underwater with a Seaquarium

Are you planning to take advantage of the free snorkeling equipment rentals at Hotel Riu Merengue? You’ve probably considered scuba diving but felt intimidated by all that confusing diving equipment. Plus it takes a lot of time and money to get certified.

If diving seems too intense for you, you may think you’re bound to the surface forever. But, the Dominican Republic offers Seaquarium tours – the perfect middle ground between snorkeling and scuba diving!

You’ll wear a specially designed helmet that allows you to breathe underwater without the need for certifications or carrying bulky air tanks on your back. Just walk along the sea floor and enjoy the coral reefs, sunken submarine, and friendly fish. It’s the best way to experience the marine world.

5. Get Up Close with Marine Animals

Do you want that perfect Instagram shot of getting a cute dolphin kiss? Or maybe you want a chance to learn about your favorite marine animals as you see them up close.

The Dolphin, Stingray, and Cat Shark combo gives you the chance to do just that. You’ll swim and interact with three of the most popular animals around Merengue Dominican Republic. If swimming around stingrays and cat sharks wasn’t enough to get your heart racing, you’ll hop on a speedboat and tear through the water!

6. Party at Coco Bongo

Hotel Riu Merengue is full of amazing bars and nighttime entertainment. Let’s face it, there’s no better place to relax by day and party by night than the Dominican Republic. If you want to take your nighttime party to the next level, a trip to Coco Bongo is a must.

Acrobats, live bands, conga lines, and musical impersonators make up the unique entertainment here. You may have even seen it highlighted in places like Rolling Stone Magazine and CNN.

Of course, the most popular nightspot will be packed! Book a Coco Bongo excursion to skip the entrance line and get a table with waiter service. Trust us, you won’t want to waste your time standing in line and shoving through hoards of people at the bar – just sit back and enjoy the show.

What to Do Around Hotel Riu Merengue

If you’ve recently booked a vacation at the Dominican Republic’s Hotel Riu Merengue, you may be excited about the beautiful beaches, delicious food, and unlimited drinks. But make sure you spend a few days outside your resort and experience the lively animals, pristine beaches, and adrenaline-pumping actives that await you.

Do you want more ideas? Check out our packages for a full list of Dominican Republic excursions!

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