Riu collaborates to keep Matapalo Beach in Costa Rica safer and cleaner

RIU Hotels continues to work in contributing to the improvement and good maintenance of the destinations where it operates. On this occasion, RIU has worked with the authorities of Carrillo, in the Costa Rican province of Guanacaste. In order to protect the beach of Matapalo, a framework was built that prevents the passage of vehicles and quads, which were a risk for the bathers and visitors.

One of the main tasks was the construction of a bridge to allow the vehicles to arrive to the transit area at any time of the year. As far as it is possible the bridge acts as a sewerage system during the rainy season. In addition, RIU has donated large benches and flowerpots that act as a barrier to prevent access to the limited public area.

The mayor of Carrillo, Carlos Cantillo, said that “as well as embellishing and improving the access to the beach, these works guarantee a higher safety for the visitors”. Besides, he highlighted that “it prevents the entry of vehicles that could cause an accident”.

Although the access of other vehicles has been banned, the project does guarantee public and controlled access for those who belong to the emergency services. Moreover, the entry jet skis or boats into the sea is allowed for the required operations.

RIU inaugurated the Riu Guanacaste, its first hotel in Costa Rica in 2009, followed by the Riu Palace Costa Rica in 2012. Since the beginning of its operation the company has been very involved with the destination and its development. The RIU complex is located in Playa Matapalo, in an area of great natural beauty. Therefore, the hotel chain decided to allocate almost 200 of the 250 hectares of its property to the preservation of the local ecosystem through the creation of the RIU Wildlife Refuge. This is an area that forms part of the Chorotega Biological Corridor, therefore the preservation of its flora and fauna is of national conservation interest.

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